Ein ARTZT thepro Flossband wird um das rechte Kniegelenk einer Frau im aufrechten Stand gewickelt.


You can complete the appropriate flossing training completely online. Where and when you want.

  • "Fast reduction of muscular problems - also in the long term."

    Jan Grieshammer, athletic trainer FIT TEAM Chemnitz

  • "Immediately after hard games we use the floss tape to wrap around injured parts of the body, which brings relief and a freer body feeling for a short time."

    Kai Häfner and Erik Schmidt, European Handball Champion 2016

  • "In daily use with top athletes, I wouldn't want to be without flossing. Be it to compensate for mobility deficits, after acute injuries or as a regenerative measure."

    Philipp Konnerth, athletic trainer at the Olympic Center in Voralberg

  • "In my practice, I use the floss band every day to look after my patients and athletes, both after injuries and for faster regeneration."

    Beatrix Baumgartner, MSPhT Fascia Center Vienna

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Vitality Flossing describes the treatment technique of wrapping elastic bands in a circular fashion around joints and tissue.

The training method is based on compression-based techniques with the eponymous raft. The systematic application follows therapy principles from osteopathy and physiotherapy, in connection with functional and athletic training.

In addition to muscle-dynamic exercises such as pendulum, swinging and fascia training, Vitality Flossing primarily focuses on the areas of joint mechanics and tissue compatibility.


Flossing was originally developed by the American physiotherapist and cross-fitness trainer Dr. Kelly Starrett.

The method was later further developed by Sascha Seifert and Dominik Suslik in cooperation with well-known experts from competitive sports and therapy.

  • Portrait Sascha Seifert | ARTZT thepro

    Sascha Seifert

    Osteopath, naturopath, personal fitness trainer, physiotherapist

    Sports Physiotherapist of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB)

    Instructor and co-founder of the PHYSIOCORE Academy

    Therapeutic director of REHAmed

    Managing Director of BEFIT@WORK

    Instructor for KINESIology taping

  • Portrait Dominik Suslik | ARTZT thepro

    Dominik Suslik

    Sports Scientist MA

    Instructor and co-founder of the PHYSIOCORE Academy

    Movement coach and speaker in healthcare

    Athletic trainer (Hannover 96 NLZ; TSV Hannover Burgdorf (HBL); MT Melsungen (BHL); KSV Hessen Kassel e. V. (4th league)

    Personal trainer and back pain therapist.

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In the appropriate Vitality Flossing training, our experts will teach you how to recognize mobility deficits and how to work with the flossing technique.

The course is suitable for fitness trainers/athletic trainers, personal trainers, gymnastics teachers, qualified sports teachers, therapists, doctors, non-medical practitioners, masseurs and medical lifeguards.

Course content:

Block I Introduction to Vitality Flossing

Block II Flossing Techniques: Lower Limb
Joints (ankle, knee, hip) and muscle tissue (calf, thigh)

Block III Flossing Techniques: Upper Limb
Joints (hand, elbow, shoulder) and muscle tissue (forearm, upper arm)/Special: Thorax

Block IV Cross Mobility - Active + passive mobility techniques with/without aids
Swing, Traction, Gapping, Compression, Neuro Drills