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Floss Band

Floss Band

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The Floss Band for Vitality Flossing

The ARTZT thepro floss band for Vitality Flossing is a latex-free, elastic band that was specially developed for compression-based mobility techniques. Vitality Flossing is the use of elastic bands that are wrapped in a circular fashion around joints and tissues.

The special thing about the rafts 2, 3 and 5 m is the special surface. This is structured and prevents the floss from slipping or sticking when wrapping muscles and joints. The narrow floss tape with a length of 1.2 m has a smooth surface.

Which floss band is the right one for me?

Floating straps have a standard length of 2 m. There are also straps with a length of 3 or 5 m for areas around the knees, thighs or pelvis.

The narrow floss strap is best suited for use around fingers or toes, which is 2.5 cm wide and easier to wrap around narrow joints.

>> Exercise Guide (PDF)

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    product properties

    • Das perfekte Tool für Vitality Flossing
    • Von führenden Experten empfohlen
    • Kein Verkleben und Verrutschen (bei 2, 3, und 5 m)


    Synthetic material: Low odor and also suitable for people who are allergic to latex.


    Mint: 2m 5cm x 1.1mm
    Aqua: 3m 5cm x 1.1mm
    Blue: 5m 5cm x 1.1mm
    Green: 1.2m 2.5cm x 1.1mm

    Care instructions

    Cleaning with alcoholic disinfectant wipes or water and soap.

    Scope of delivery

    1 x floss strap

    This is a medical device. You can download the declaration of conformity for medical devices for free as a PDF.


      Slipped or stuck floss band? No more. The new ARTZT thepro flos band with the extra-grippy surface stays where it should and can be unwound without any problems. Good for you, even better for your clients.

      „Dank der strukturierten Oberfläche hat das neue ARTZT thepro Flossband eine deutlich verbesserte Haptik, welche die Flossing-Anwendungen in der täglichen Praxis und bei der Arbeit mit meinen Sportlern noch effektiver machen.“

      Berengar Buschmann, physiotherapist, trainer, former professional footballer, founder of the AREHA athletics and rehabilitation centre

      Physiotherapeut Sascha Seifert behandelt den linken Oberarm eines Mannes mit dem ARTZT thepro Flossband.


      You can learn how to use the floss band correctly in the matching e-learning course. Certificate included!