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The ARTZT Institute supports international research projects through product sponsorship. If you are planning a research project and would like to use our products as part of the study, please fill out the form under the link completely.

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Please read the research policy below beforehand . We ask for your understanding that we can only process electronically submitted research requests.

By submitting the form, you agree that your data will be used to process your request. You can find further information and revocation notices in the data protection declaration .

We look forward to your request!

Product support policy as part of a research project

Please read our Grant Grant Policy carefully before submitting your application.

Product-supported research must identify results that are directly related to our products. Preference is given to studies that take into account the research initiatives set by the research committee:

  • Profitability of Exercise Programs (Cost Savings)
  • Success Factors for Adherence and Fulfillment to Home Exercise Programs
  • Reducing adult absenteeism through exercise
  • Effectiveness of exercise programs (increased performance, pain relief, etc.)
  • Evaluation of orthopedic/clinical rehabilitation and prevention protocols, with concrete practice results

Researchers who would like to receive support are asked to provide the following documents:

  • A fully completed online application form (Only electronic submissions can be accepted)
  • Copy of approval from IRB (Ethics Committee) by email to Astrid Buscher, Head of ARTZT Institute:

Please also note:

  • Eligible research MUST have approval (ie letter from IRB etc.) by an Independent Ethics Committee (IEC).
  • The proposal will be examined by Ludwig Artzt GmbH and its representatives. A reply will be sent to you within 2 weeks with suggestions and questions.
  • By submitting a proposal and receiving research support, you grant Ludwig Artzt GmbH permission to use the project information on the institute's website and in other marketing materials.
  • Once the study has started, researchers are asked to keep in touch with Ludwig Artzt GmbH on a semi-annual basis. Regular updates are requested via email, website templates or post.
  • In return for the product support, Ludwig Artzt GmbH will receive a final report on the results at the end of the study as well as a reprint (PDF) of all presentations and publications generated by the supported research.

We appreciate it when you mention product support in your reports and publications. It is also desirable to name the product from our brand portfolio.

Please note that we can only support you with our own branded products. We ask you to ensure that the spelling of the brand name is correct:

ARTZT neuro
ARTZT thepro
ARTZT Vintage Series
ARTZT vitality

Please do not use the brand name as a synonym for a product (ARTZT band), but always the brand with the additional product designation (e.g. ARTZT vitality exercise band PLUS).

If you have any questions regarding your research projects, please contact the head of the ARTZT Institute, Astrid Buscher, at: