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Relax your neck with Cranibas

Sitting in the office for a long time, stress or poor posture – there are many causes of tension in the cervical spine muscles. Excruciating, often chronic headaches or neck pain can be the result. ARTZT thepro Cranibas was developed to naturally counteract these symptoms.

By placing the head on the specially shaped therapy pad, a slight pressure and pull takes place below the back of the head, similar to the flexion and traction by the hands of the physiotherapist. This gently stretches and relaxes the muscles in the neck area. The aching head joints are relieved and gain mobility. Used regularly, users can often improve their well-being.

For doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths, the therapy pad offers an effective extension of their range of measures.

    Available variants:

    • Cranibas Home: The home variant is characterized by a pleasant flocking that nestles gently against the skin.
    • Cranibas Professional: The Professional variant has a smooth, untreated surface and can be quickly wiped off with a damp cloth after each treatment.

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    Product properties

    • Entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit Robert Bordás, M.Sc., D.O.
    • Gewicht: 350 g
    • Medizinprodukt der Klasse I

    Hinweis: Die Therapieunterlage ARTZT thepro Cranibas ist ein therapeutisches Hilfsmittel und ersetzt keinen Arztbesuch bzw. osteopathische oder physiotherapeutische Beratung/Behandlung. Wende dich vor der Anwendung von Cranibas an deinen Arzt oder Physiotherapeuten.

    Cranibas ist ein Produkt aus der Praxis ohne studienwissenschaftlichen Hintergrund. Die Anwendungen basieren allein auf Erfahrungen mit bisherigen Patienten und erheben keinen Anspruch auf allgemeine Gültigkeit.


    PU foam



    Care instructions

    The surfaces of both variants can be optimally treated with a PU-compatible, alcohol-free surface disinfectant or cleaned with a damp cloth and some household soap.

    Scope of delivery

    1 x craniba

    This is a medical device. You can download the declaration of conformity for medical devices for free as a PDF.

    • Hergestellt in Deutschland

      Regional final production in medium-sized companies


    Neck pain? Most people know it. Physiotherapist Robert Bordás shows in the video how the neck can be gently stretched with the Cranibas therapy cushion.


    What is the difference between Pro and Home?

    Due to its smooth surface, Cranibas Prof can be easily wiped off and disinfected, while the surface of the Home is slightly softer due to the flocking.

    How do I use Cranibas correctly?

    Please note: The ARTZT thepro Cranibas therapy pad is a therapeutic aid and does not replace a doctor's visit or osteopathic or physiotherapeutic consultation/treatment. Consult your doctor or physiotherapist before using ARTZT thepro Cranibas.
    ARTZT thepro Cranibas is a practical product without a scientific background. The applications are based solely on experience with previous patients and make no claim to general validity.

    The application period should not exceed approx. 5 minutes at the beginning and then be slowly increased. The period should not exceed 15 minutes. Shorter and more frequent applications (e.g. in the morning and in the evening for 10 minutes each) are preferable to longer application periods.

    If severe pain occurs during the application, interrupt it and consult a medical professional.

    Put on: Sit on a stable, straight surface (e.g. floor or gym mat). Place both humps of the craniba at the lower edge of the back of your head, at the level of the base of your skull, or approximately at the hairline. The large hollow points upwards.

    Place on top: Place the large hollow of the craniba on the back of your head. Tilt your head back until Cranibas touches your neck. Hold this position and carefully move to a supine position. Stretch your legs if possible. Cranibas must rest completely on the undersurface or on the floor.

    Relax: Now let go of Cranibas. A gently building feeling of pressure is completely normal and a sign of the gentle stretching at the base of the skull. Remain in this position for a maximum of 15 minutes.

    Please follow the instructions for use inside.

    Which variant is right for me?

    The Professional version with its smooth surface is particularly suitable for professional use in practices etc., as it can be quickly wiped off in between.

    The Home version is a little softer due to the flocking.
    Ultimately, however, personal taste is the deciding factor.

    In terms of hardness, size and weight, both versions are identical.

    Does my height play a role in the application?

    The body size does not play a role in the application. Only small children should not be used, as their necks are still too small.

    A doctor or physiotherapist should be consulted before use on children.

    Can Cranibas be used during pregnancy, for back pain, for diabetes or for high blood pressure?

    Pregnancy: Yes, can also be used during pregnancy to relax the cervical spine and neck muscles. However, please note that in case of discomfort or pain, your attending physician, midwife or physiotherapist should be consulted.

    Back pain: In principle, Cranibas can also be used for back pain and help to relax the muscles. However, in the case of acute back pain, a doctor or physiotherapist should be consulted before use.

    Diabetes and high blood pressure: Cranibas can also be used in diabetes as well as high blood pressure to relax the neck muscles and the cervical spine.