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Fazer Bag

Fazer Bag

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All Fazer instruments safely stowed away

Professional therapy instruments need to be stowed away safely. In the instrument roll and the matching bags, your Fazer tools are safe from shocks, dirt and weather.

The small bags can be fixed anywhere in the roll with Velcro. This gives you space for a complete set of Fazers or hooks. Each pouch also features a belt loop so you can always have your fazer or hook close at hand.

Attention: Each Fazer tool is already supplied with the appropriate bag.

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    Product properties

    In der Instrumentenrolle lassen sich die Fazer 1 - 5 oder die Fazer Hook 1 - 3 inkl. Griff mit den jeweils passenden Taschen fixieren.

    Tasche 1 bietet Platz für:

    • 1 x Fazer 1 oder
    • 1 x Fazer 4 oder
    • 1 x Fazer Hook oder
    • 1 x Fazer Hook Griff.

    Tasche 2 bietet Platz für:

    • 1 x Fazer 2 oder
    • 1 x Fazer Hook inkl. Griff.

    Tasche 3 bietet Platz für:

    • 1 x Fazer 3 oder
    • 1 x Fazer 4 oder
    • 1 x fazer Hook ohne Griff.




    Instrument roll: 83 x 29 cm
    Bag 1: 16.5x6cm
    Pocket 2: 26x8cm
    Bag 3: 11x12cm

    Care instructions

    If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.

    Scope of delivery

    1 x bag each