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Fazer Hook

Fazer Hook

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Hook it

The ARTZT thepro Fazer Hook is the ideal addition to the Fazer. Each hook enables the treatment of muscle fascia, tendon transitions or plain bearings and intermuscular septa using a special hooking technique (myofascial fibrolysis).

In particular, scars and irritations on tendons or tendon bone transitions can be treated very specifically with the help of transverse friction with the hooks. With the help of this hooking technique, the physiological mobility between the tissue structures can be addressed.

The different hook shapes and lengths of the attachments enable optimal use on almost all body zones, regardless of the required grip-hand angle, depth of the hook or surface structure of the zone to be treated.

Each instrument has been designed and forged for specific treatment techniques or body regions in order to achieve the following:

  • More targeted, specific and in-depth treatment options
  • Reduction of fascial tension and adhesions
  • Promotion of blood circulation and stimulation of self-healing processes
  • Long-term reduction in hand strain

    Who is Fazer Hook intended for?

    The Fazer Hooks are aimed specifically at trained users such as physiotherapists, doctors, sports scientists, chiropractors and rolfers. Fazers are intended exclusively for individual therapy, based on specific indications - adapted to the individual patient. Taking the dosage into account is just as important as observing possible contraindications.

    Here you can use Fazer Hook:

    • General soft tissue treatment
    • Acute or chronic pain management
    • Fascial treatment (e.g. fibrosis)
    • Movement restrictions/connective tissue restrictions
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      Product properties

      • Entwickelt von Raimond Igel, Osteopath, Leitender Physiotherapeut des Deutschen Leichtathletikverbandes, Dozent IFDMO
      • Ideal zur myofaszialen Fibrolyse
      • Hohe Flexibilität dank austauschbarer Aufsätze
      • Geringes Eigengewicht erleichtert die Handhabung und schont die Therapeutenhände

      Made in Germany

      Made in Germany from blasted, anodized aluminum.


      Each 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm

      Care instructions

      After each treatment, the hooks can be disinfected with disinfectant and wiped with a damp cloth if necessary.

      Scope of delivery

      Scope of delivery Hook 1, 2 and 3: 1 x hook, 1 x matching instrument bag.

      Scope of delivery Hook Set: 1 each of Hook 1, 2 and 3, 1 x handle, 1 x instrument roll, 3 x matching instrument bags

      • Hergestellt in Deutschland

        Regional final production in medium-sized companies

      Die Achillessehne einer Person wird von einer anderen mit dem ARTZT thepro Fazer Hook behandelt.


      There are currently 3 different hook instruments.

      You can find a detailed overview of all instruments in the Fazer comparison.

      Portrait des Faszienexperten Dr. Robert Schleip | ARTZT thepro

      „Ich bin hellbegeistert vom Fazer Hook, weil mit diesem entlang der Akupunkturlinien das Gewebe auseinanderziehen kann, um hier gezielt mit Traktion zu arbeiten. Zu dieser wunderbaren Erfindung muss ich Raimond Igel wirklich gratulieren.“

      dr biol. hum. Robert Schleip, Dipl. Phych., Director Fascia Research Group

      Frau wird am rechten Oberarm mit dem ARTZT thepro Fazer 1 behandelt.


      You will learn how to use Fazer correctly in the appropriate e-learning course. Certificate included!



      Can the Fazer devices be used if I have a nickel allergy?

      Yes. The stainless steel used is also used in surgery and is harmless for people allergic to nickel.

      Can horses also be treated with Fazer?

      Yes. However, unlike humans, animals cannot consciously "join in" the treatment. Since treatment with the Fazer can be painful and animals involuntarily and instinctively avoid the pain, treatment with the Fazer should only be carried out by people who have been specially trained for this.