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Kinesiology Tape Set of 2

Kinesiology Tape Set of 2

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The perfect addition to taping

For you as a professional in the world of therapy and training who values ​​quality and efficiency, the ARTZT thepro kinesiological tape is a valuable addition to your professional equipment. This tape was designed with your requirements as a professional in mind and supports you in your daily work with your clients.

The tape, made from skin-friendly cotton, offers stretch that adapts ideally to the movements of the human body - ideal for the diverse challenges of therapy and training. So that you can rely on the tape, it has a special adhesive that reliably sticks to your client's skin without irritating, even after repeated use and stress.

The tape is durable enough to withstand sweat and moisture, so you and your clients can focus on the exercises and not on the durability of the tape. The simple look of the tape ensures that it fits unobtrusively into any therapeutic or training situation and at the same time leaves a professional impression.

Trust our kinesiology tape to take your therapeutic offering to a new level and give your clients a modern support tool that allows them to fully concentrate on their goals.

Treatment with kinesiological tape is based on methods from training and movement theory, the effects of which have not been proven by conventional medical studies, but are assumed solely on the basis of non-evidence-based experience reports and application observations.

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Product properties

  • Maintains range of motion of the joint/muscle
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant and breathable
  • Adhesive application made from skin-friendly acrylic glue


97 % cotton, 3 % polyurethane


Each 5 m x 5 cm

Care instructions

Dispose of in household waste after use.

Scope of delivery

2 Rolls

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    Recommended by the International Taping Association

    The tape of choice for therapists, doctors and trainers