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Sensory Floor

Sensory Floor

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Step by step to more balance

More health through conscious movement: Thanks to its irregular surface, the sensory floor by ARTZT thepro constantly gives you new tactile stimuli - and opens up endless possibilities in your therapy and training program.

Even with simple exercises, this structural floor activates the entire neuromuscular and sensorimotor system. So you can quickly reach your therapy and training goals.

Completely variable

The individual floor panels can be expanded as required. The great thing about it: Each plate fits seamlessly to the next. The structures of the individual panels are 100% compatible with each other and can be combined endlessly. Do you want to lay out your entire training room with the sensory floor? No problem - just do it!

The timeless design with the elegant gray color fits perfectly into any training and treatment room. The Sensorik floor simply cuts a fine figure everywhere!

How does the sensory floor work?

Coordinative skills are the basis of human movement. In sports and everyday life, they have a direct influence on strength, speed, mobility and endurance. The better your coordination, the more precise and safer your movements. The result: less energy expenditure, less effort required, less fatigue and a lower risk of injury.

Training with the sensory floor is a methodically structured system that you can adapt to current needs at any time. The aim is always to improve intramuscular and intermuscular coordination right from the start, to optimize the axial stability of the joints and to improve coordination skills. A variety of standing exercises can be completed with just one plate.

This is what training with the sensory floor brings:

  • Improving movement security and posture control
  • Improved/more stable gait pattern
  • Improvement within the multi-segmental kinematic synergies of the lower extremities
  • Promotion of the motor development - in particular the coordination of movements - of children
  • Strengthening and improved control of the muscles in the feet (proprioception)
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      Product properties

      • Abnutzungsbeständig, rutschsicher und angenehm stoßdämpfend
      • Strukturelle Oberfläche für erhöhten Grip beim Training
      • Spezielle Anti-Rutsch-Unterseite, die ein Wegrutschen auch auf staubigem Boden verhindert
      • Medizinprodukt der Klasse I


      High-quality polyurethane used in medical technology. Absolutely skin-friendly. Quality made in Germany.


      Dimensions: 50x50cm
      Own weight: approx. 3.6 kg

      Care instructions

      The panels can be easily cleaned with commercially available cleaning agents and disinfectants. Liquids containing alcohol are also not a problem if used appropriately.

      Liquids such as acetone (solvent for resins and fats) or strong oxidizing agents that could attack the cell structure of the PU material are not suitable.

      Scope of delivery

      1 x sensory floor

      • Hergestellt in Deutschland

        Regional final production in medium-sized companies