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Stable in all training positions

The athletic preparation of the legs plays an important role in many sports and fitness sports in order to have powerful leg muscles. It is important, especially in sports, to have simple and practical training equipment available.

The Stabilizer is one such simple device that allows you to perform the two important basic exercises, squats and good mornings, with your own body weight, safely and guided, yet functionally.

The ARTZT thepro Stabilizer allows special emphasis to be placed on the slow execution of the eccentric phase in the two exercises mentioned. This is important injury-prevention training for all sports involving sprinting and kicking actions.

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    Product properties

    Entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit Dr. phil. Andreas Schlumberger.


    PVC - solid and weather-resistant material


    98x12 cm

    Care instructions

    If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.

    Scope of delivery

    1 x Stabilizer